The Festive Season is almost here…  Maybe you have already had your Christmas Party!  Maybe your life is one big party!

Here are some Survival Tips for this hectic and wonderful time of year!


Cold weather and the dryness of central heating can take its toll on your skin.  It is important to moisturise your skin regularly.  We make two beautiful day creams – the only cream in the world to contain 6 precious metals, each of which have a wonderful effect on the skin.   Colloidal Gold: to rejuvenate and give the skin a beautiful glow; Colloidal Silver: to counteract the effect of over-indulgence (i.e. spots and pimples); Colloidal Copper: to help retain the skin’s elasticity and keep you looking younger for longer; Colloidal Platinum: to help repair and renew cells and Colloidal Titanium: for DNA repair and to prevent the ageing effects of air pollution.

This beautiful cream is all natural – no chemicals.  It is plant-based and completely Vegan.  We do not test on animals.  

It comes in a choice of fragrances – Frankincense & Myrrh (warm and spicy) or Jasmine (light and floral).  Our ‘elxr’ day cream is light and yet luxurious.  It is easily absorbed, leaving your skin soft, glowing and youthful in appearance.  A great base for makeup too.

Colloidal Beauty Cream


Don’t you just hate hangovers?  You know the feeling… you wake up and your head hurts, your stomach is gnawing and you just feel fuzzy and out of sorts.

We have found, in our experience and through testimonials of other customers, that our Colloidal Gold is a great hangover cure.

Pour yourself a shot of Colloidal Gold and down it before going to bed.  Do the same in the morning, on an empty stomach, slooshing it around the mouth for 30secs-1 minute before swallowing for quick absorption.   ALWAYS drink plenty of water (before going to bed) and an hour after taking Colloidal Gold.

Colloidal Gold is a natural stimulant and will help you ‘re-connect’ with the outside world again!  

WHY NOT VISIT OUR SHOP TODAY – ARM YOURSELF:  these two items are ESSENTIALin your arsenal of ‘weapons’ to help you get through this year’s Christmas and New Year Party Season.

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