Before we begin revealing why Colloidal Gold is a great solution for almost all your health issues, you must know the Importance of Gold and the bag of benefits it brings. Discover the amazing properties of nano-sized ruby-red colloidal gold in this article.
Gold is presumed to upgrade physical well-being, emotional stability and bring prosperity in the cultures of India and China.
It helps to improve:

What is Colloidal Gold?

Colloidal Gold uses the technology known as Nanotechnology where most Colloidal particles fall in the range of diameter from 1-1000 nanometers and can be in any state, whether solid, liquid, or gas. For colloidal gold solution, the particles range within 1-100 nanometer scale which are known as gold nanoparticles. Colloidal gold resembles any colloidal solution, where colloids are a homogeneous non-crystalline material comprising of numerous atoms or ultramicroscopic particles of one material scattered through a second material.
In simpler words, a colloidal gold solution consists of little, nanosized pure 24 carat Gold particles suspended in Scottish steamed-distilled water along with essential minerals, which are based on the combination of benefits. Colloidal Gold shows up as a red or yellow shaded fluid and can be securely used for both inner and outside concerns. These nanosized Gold particles from the colloid enter through the cell films adequately and work feasibly to mitigate the side effects of a many clinical issues.
There are a number of applications for colloidal gold suspension. Nanoparticles advantages are bio-availability, focused medicine delivery, and with no side effects. Constant improvement in the field of Nanotechnology is occurring for including oral, injection, infusion, transdermal, transmucosal, visual, aspiratory, and implant.
Focused medicine delivery is a critical zone of healthcare RnD (research & development) and is where nanoparticles have shown specific worth. While organising a nanoparticulate colloidal structure, a formulator must consider explicit atom properties and perceive how these effects the general system. Understanding of the built-up science behind nanotechnology, specialists will keep on utilising nanoparticles to improve medicinal services for quite a long time to come.

How does Colloidal Gold Look?

The colour of your COLLOIDAL GOLD is ruby red and may change to yellow or purple – this is because of it being influenced by factors outside our ability to control – for example, stockpiling (in a perfect world, Colloidal Gold ought to be put away at 4 degrees C), solar flare action, changes in outer temperatures. These outer elements influence the Colloidal Gold in its appearance ONLY – they can cause the particles to carry on in an unexpected way, in some cases ‘bunch’ together, giving it an alternate colour. Try not to stress, its adequacy won’t be influenced, should this occur.

How does Colloidal Gold Taste?

Those of you are wondering what Colloidal Gold taste like, it tastes nothing like wine or any other alcohol. In fact, it tastes like nothing at all, just like water.

Origin and Rise of Colloidal Gold

Its history is dated back in 1857 when Michael Faraday (a famous scientist who contributed to the study of electromagnetism and electrochemistry) experimented with a gold leaf and stumbled upon a ruby red solution he named “Activated gold” due to its impressive properties of light and matter.
Colloidal gold and various other colloidal systems have long been among the most widely used labels for antigens in biological electron microscopy. Colloidal gold particles can be attracted to many traditional biological probes such as antibodies, lectins, superantigens, glycans, nucleic acids, and receptors. Even after 163 years, this colloidal gold is a pronounced element to cure many health ailments.
Nanosized Gold has also been seen in Lycurgus Cup from the 4th Century, a Roman Glass Cage Cup in British Museum, London.

Major Constituents of Colloidal Gold

The significant constituents of Colloidal Gold are nanoparticles of 99.99% pure 24 carat Gold and pure Scottish steamed-distilled water along with trace amounts of Himalayan rock salt that is obtained from the Punjab region (India) and often has a pinkish tint due to mineral deposits in it, glucose which is a living beings’ energy source, cinnamon bark extract and traces of pure silver. By using a consistent low current procedure (the Faraday method) which results in the minutest nanoparticle size of ruby red clusters of Colloidal Gold, making it 100% bio-accessible for greatest viability.
Gold nanoparticles are a subject of research because they showcase unique optical properties along with rare electron and molecular recognition properties which scientists believe, has a plenty of potential in the future in sectors like biomedicine, material science and nanotechnology. This is only possible because of the rare qualities of gold nanoparticles.

Nutritional benefits of Colloidal Gold

The various health sectors that have been merely affected by Colloidal Gold and what are its fundamental health benefits.

Health Benefits of Colloidal Gold

For the young and young at heart people.

Colloidal Gold for Skin Benefits

Regardless of whether you are ingesting Colloidal Gold or applying it externally, it assists with cell initiation and restoration. The most ideal utilization of Gold is to take it orally and use it externally to provide the cells, gold from both inside and out. Specifically, Colloidal Gold is known for its capacity to mend micro-damage, making it a perfect skincare element for those with Sensitive, Skin Ulcers, Sun Damaged, Hyperpigmented, and Acne Scarred skin. Because of its capacity to recover cells and restore their typical elastic properties, the Colloidal Gold solution is utilized topically as a gel or ointment to treat different skin issues, such as Eczema, Wounds, Fungal Infections, Blisters, Skin Rash, Skin Burns and some more. It is likewise used as an ingredient in Anti-Aging skincare items.

Colloidal Gold for Rejuvenating Properties

Colloidal Gold has a relieving impact on the Body, Mind, Soul, and Spirit. It is likewise known to promote a feeling of expanded Energy, Mental Focus, Will Power, and Libido. In instances of Chills, Hot Flashes, and Night Sweats, the body’s internal heat level’s settling system might be restored to adjust by Colloidal Gold.

Colloidal Gold to Enhance Your Mood

One of the definite medical advantages of colloidal gold is that it might help improve the Mental and Emotional prosperity of individuals experiencing Anxiety, Depression, Frustration, and Sadness.

Colloidal Gold for Improved Cognitive Function

Studies uncover that Colloidal Gold acts as a characteristic energizer for the cells of our body. This property improves the transmission of electrical signs between the cerebrum’s nerve cells and increments Mental Alertness and Boosts Concentration. It has been utilized in the decontamination and adjusting of the heart motion to intensify good inner thoughts.

Colloidal Gold for Drug Delivery System

Gold nanoparticles as drug carriers and the Gold colloidal solution may be utilized to enhance the biodistribution of medications to diseased organs, tissues or cells, to improve and focus drug delivery. Nanosized particle-mediated drug delivery is feasible only if the drug distribution in the body is inadequate. These cases incorporate drug targeting of unstable, delivery to the difficult sites (brain, retina, tumours, etc.) and drugs with dangerous side effects (e.g., anti-cancer agents). An ideal nano-drug delivery system guarantees that effective medication is accessible at the activity site for accurate time and duration.

Colloidal Gold for Addiction

Gold colloid has been used to treat Alcoholism since the 19th Century to this day; it is used for treating Nicotine, Narcotics, and Caffeine Addiction.

Colloidal Gold for Tumour Detection

Gold nanoparticles are rising as promising agents for cancer therapy and are being explored as drug carriers, photothermal agents, contrast agents, and radiosensitizers. The tumour is focusing on employing multifunctional nanocarriers. Cancer cells diminish bond to neighbouring cells and relocate into the vasculature-rich stroma. Once at the vasculature, cells can uninhibitedly enter the circulation system. When the tumour is directly associated with the primary blood circulation system, multifunctional nanocarriers can interact directly with cancer cells and adequately target tumours.

Colloidal Gold for Gene Therapy

Gold nanoparticles have demonstrated potential as intracellular delivery vehicles for siRNA oligonucleotides with maximal therapeutic impact. Gold nanoparticles show potential as intracellular delivery vehicles for antisense oligonucleotides by protecting intracellular nucleases and ease of functionalization for selective focusing.

Radiotherapy dose enhancer

Considerable intrigue has been appeared in the utilisation of gold and other heavy-atom-containing nano-particles to improve the portion drug delivered to tumours. Since the gold nano-particles consumed by the tumours are more than that of nearby healthy tissue, the dose is selectively increased.

Colloidal Gold for Spiritual Benefits

Gold brings prosperity but the foremost qualities of gold are its mending properties. The culture of bringing gold to their homes and treating it as a sacred substance, came from India, China and Persia. Gold attracts prosperity, calm the mind fog, stabilises emotions, mends state of mind and makes you stress-free. As you are peaceful and more associated with your “higher self,” you are engrossed in nature and spirituality. Gold represents the immaculateness of “All That Is”. The above properties of Gold allow you to focus and meditate to arrive at a higher spiritual state. When you are facing stress or tension, your capacity to learn and connect with your actual-self decreases, which is solved when the body consumes gold. Gold can help to adjust the essentialness fields, limit sense of self, diminish sentiments of melancholy, and feeling of inadequacy. It can clear negativity from the vitality fields of the physical, passionate, mental, and profound bodies.

Other benefits of Colloidal Gold may include:

Possible Side-Effects of Colloidal Gold

None! There has been no colloidal gold side effect that has been reported or recorded. Unlike medicines that have side effects, gold and silver have never shown any dangers or side effects.
Colloidal Gold is 100% safe and non-harmful!

Direction to Use Colloidal Gold

Typically, we suggest taking from 10-25ml DAILY for general wellbeing and improving mental clarity – swishing the liquid around the mouth for 30 seconds to one moment before gulping. As per our research, Colloidal Gold is best taken in the first part of the day (morning) as it may impair sleep if taken in the evening. We likewise suggest that you drink a lot of fresh water while devouring colloidal products. Colloidal Gold is made utilizing only 24 carat unadulterated Gold. It is not considered good to utilize gold chlorides or gold powders. This Colloidal Gold contains 80+ essential minerals and contains a trace amount of Colloidal Silver to prevent sedimentation, contamination and has the additional advantage of Colloidal Silver’s properties. Our findings are based on many years’ research and consultation with health professionals and scientists, well-documented cases, testimonials from Colloidal Gold Gold customers and from our own testing and usage.

Different Colloidal Solution Commercially Available

The other 9 types of colloidal solutions that are available in the market are:

And many more colloidal products such as skin care creams, eye drops, pet supplements with a broad spectrum of health benefits!

Colloids are highly in demand and Colloidal Gold turns out to be a magic potion, which offers multiple health benefits and it is definitely worth giving a try as it is cost efficient and easily available , get yours now. Try Now!

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