Silver heals long standing condition

The power of colloidal silver  is phenomenal. Legally we cannot make any claims about this product, but you our customers can! Following is the story  of one of our customers who gave us her feedback of using Colloidal Silver. The lady had just given birth and was bleeding internally and  the bleeding would not stop. […]

Helen’s Story

My Experience with Colloidal Gold My name is Helen. I am 68 years old and have been retired for 8 years. When I was 47 years old, I started to go through the menopause which unfortunately caused me a lot of issues. After consultation with my doctor, I was put on a program of Hormone Replacement […]


It is a powerful blend of all the Colloidal Supplements that we offer in one convenient litre-sized bottle… one ‘ready to drink’ formula! If you are new to Collodial Supplements, it is a great introduction to them. Our ELXR mix is made from the following precious colloids: 30% Colloidal Silver – for its gentle, yet […]

WATCH and LEARN ALL About Our Colloidal Supplements

We have been busy making a series of videos all about our Colloidal Supplements.  This project is still in progress but there are some videos on our YouTube Channel that you will find (hopefully!) educational and helpful. We get asked so many questions, daily, about each of our Supplements – what they do and which […]

Colloidal Gold: Origin, Nutrients, Health Benefits, Varieties & more

Before we begin revealing why Colloidal Gold is a great solution for almost all your health issues, you must know the Importance of Gold and the bag of benefits it brings. Discover the amazing properties of nano-sized ruby-red colloidal gold in this article.Gold is presumed to upgrade physical well-being, emotional stability and bring prosperity in the cultures […]

‘Tis the Season to be Merry… fah-la-lala-la…

The Festive Season is almost here…  Maybe you have already had your Christmas Party!  Maybe your life is one big party! Here are some Survival Tips for this hectic and wonderful time of year! SKIN CARE Cold weather and the dryness of central heating can take its toll on your skin.  It is important to […]