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WATCH and LEARN ALL About Our Colloidal Supplements

We have been busy making a series of videos all about our Colloidal Supplements.  This project is still in progress but there are some videos on our YouTube Channel that you will find (hopefully!) educational and helpful.

We get asked so many questions, daily, about each of our Supplements - what they do and which one is best.

We hope that this series will help our customers learn all about our products and that they will find them informative and helpful.


Colloidal Silver and True Colloidal Silver 

Learn all about True Colloidal Silver and how it differs from 'regular' Colloidal Silver - this may help you learn about the differences between the two before you visit our SHOP to make your purchase.


Learn all about Colloidal Gold - our BEST-SELLING product... and how it can greatly benefit your mental health and general wellbeing:


Colloidal Platinum is a wonderful rejuvenator of the life force... and more!   Learn all about it here:


Colloidal Copper has so many great qualities - IF you are considering purchasing some, we ADVISE that you watch this video CAREFULLY and learn all about Colloidal Copper before you begin to use it.

This series will continue until we have an educational video for each of our products... Still to come in this series:  Colloidal Zinc and Colloidal Titanium.
But our video production will not end here...  ALL products will soon have their own video - offering advise and guidelines on how to use it, what dose, its health benefits and other relevant information.

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